Day of the Dead

CT scans of human skulls given to me by a neurologist became the perfect vehicle for my artistic reflections and responses to the Day of the Dead holiday as it is celebrated by the Mexican people. The animal and human spirit masks as well as the skeleton and skull images in my giclee prints were created from the CT scans X-rays. My Day of the Dead Series of prints pays homage to the Mexicans, whose religious icons, ceremonial masks, and colorful artifacts have provided me with a rich understanding of the Mexican people and their culture.

All images can be printed in multiple sizes. All are 20" x 20".

Mictlantmictlantlecurtal (Life)

Quetzalcoatl (Death)

Day of Remembrance - Green

Day of Remembrance - Blue

Red X

Green X

Day of the Dead Marigold

Day of the Dead Green

Day of the Dead Orange

Day of the Dead Red/Blue

Day of the Dead Yellow

Balancing Forces



Confucious Red/Green

Man Skull - Blue

Man Skull - Pink

Monkey Skull - Purple



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