As I write this introduction to my Art/Science/Medicine artwork, Corona virus is causing deaths and controversy, vaccines are being developed and questioned, and scientists are pursuing a cure, in part, by studying DNA. Simultaneously, two women won the Nobel Prize for their DNA research. This combination of events has made my X-ray artwork, which serves as a metaphor for wellness, disease and death, pertinent and timely. My artwork even includes X-rays of DNA sequencing gels.

I have been investigation the relationship of Art, Science, and Medicine with an emphasis on computerized photographic methods for the last thirty years. I combined human and animal X-rays, X-rays of DNA sequencing gels, ultrasound radiographs, mammograms and X-rays of cells growing in Petri dishes with traditional art supplies, such as canvas, paints, and oil sticks. Recently I added photographs, the results of brain cell research, to my cache of medical imagery.

For many years I have felt alone in my artistic examination of the X-ray as an art form. Except for me, no artist, to my knowledge has investigated the relationship of Art/Science/Medicine with such thoroughness and variety. I chose this subject matter for multiple reasons. I find X-rays to be beautiful. I am intrigued by their innate, mysterious beauty, value changes and contrasts, and curiously shaped bones and organs. X-rays also serve as metaphors for the human condition. Furthermore, they investigate the interior body synecdochically and imply a mental and spiritual life.

Since I started this Art/Science/Medicine investigation, I created eight series which are described on my website. The newest is Covid Variations. Each series has its own theme, but all have the relationship of Art/Science/Medicine as their common denominator.

You can learn more about each series by viewing the galleries on this website.