About Lois Goglia

For over thirty years I have been investigation the relationship of Art, Science, and Medicine, incorporating animal and human X-rays, mammograms, X-rays of cells growing in Petri dishes, X-rays of DNA sequencing gels, ultrasound radiographs, and brain cell photographs, puzzle pieces, and maps.

For many years I have felt alone in my artistic examination of the X-ray as an art form. Except for me, no artist, to my knowledge has investigated the relationship of Art/Science/Medicine with such thoroughness and variety. I chose this subject matter for multiple reasons. I find X-rays to be beautiful. I am intrigued by their innate, mysterious beauty, value changes and contrasts, and curiously shaped bones and organs. X-rays also serve as metaphors for the human condition. Furthermore, they investigate the interior body synecdochically and imply a mental and spiritual life.

Since I started this Art/Science/Medicine investigation, I created eight series which are described on my website. The newest is COVID VARIATIONS. Each series has its own theme, but all have the relationship of Art/Science/Medicine as their common denominator.

In my latest series Covid Variations, I utilized plexiglas separators, used during Covid, as platforms for my artwork. Traditional art materials as such as canvas, paints, oil sticks, glues, and tapes are used pervasively throughout my art making.

You can learn more about each series by viewing the galleries on this website.

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